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Business Services

All professional International business services

Import and Export

Distribution and wholesale

H.Q. Production

Especially in Food and Beverages


Saba Poolad Lidoma Co. ( SAPOLI ) was established more than 10 years ago, based on the founder's many years of experience in the International business services , Import and Export,Distribution and wholesale,production especially in Food and Beverages 


?Exporting your products to Iran

SAPOLI  can help you comply with import and export requirements, assisting smooth customs clearance

Companies trading with these countries need to comply with these requirements for customs  clearance .  Failure to do  so can  result in  severe delays  in goods clearance,   penalties  or  even  shipments  being  returned .  SAPOLI  can  issue  the  necessary certificates   and  acting  as  a middleman  between you  and  all organizations in Iran same as Health Authorities, ISIRI, IRICA , Sabtaresh , ICCIMA , INTA ,  ... and Taking care of all formalities regarding import, export and transit on behalf you

:Some services maybe you need in Iran


Sampling and quality control
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Multiple logistic services

VAL and VAS activities
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Air Freight

Logistic Services
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Delivering goods

door to door delivery
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Sea freight

Logistic services
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repositioning needs of clients

providing complete solutions
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All Custom formalities

Acting as a middleman between you and customs
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Custom brokerage

SAPOLI is IRICA- Full certificate
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Custom Brokerage and clearance

SAPOLI Brokerage Co supplies as customs agent the following services

Customs has the responsibility to check all in  and outgoing goods. For this purpose the Iran’s customs has developed a system called EPL.Entering goods into the system is being done by companies with a permit

As your agent

Acting as a middleman between you and customs


Handling internal or external transit

import and export

Direct representation with import and export


Fiscal, Tax return (VAT)

custom formalities

Taking care of all custom formalities regarding import, export and transit


From 1 small box to full truck loads

About Us

Welcome to SAPOLI website

Saba Poolad Lidoma Co. ( SAPOLI ) was established more than 10 years ago, based on the founder's many years of experience in the International business services , Import and Export , Distribution and wholesale,  production especially in Food and Beverages.

The company is based in Iran.

The creation of SAPOLI brings together business with outstanding market presences which enhance and complement each other.

Together, we offer our customers a range of high quality products and services which are unmatched by our competitors. We serve a broader spectrum of customers, in more places and by more means of access and delivery than other companies active in our business fields.

Making this possible are the people of  SAPOLI ,around many people located at SAPOLI head quarter and its affiliated companies across Middle East including qualified experts in international business and  experienced managers to manage its business across the Middle East and beyond.

We know

we are aware of your most important concerns, so we Prepare everything  to provide aproprate business services for you

our main asset

We believe our customers are our main asset so getting their maximum satisfaction creates a long-term partnership with them

Our goals

Our goals are long-term, full support and protect our customers, and we are always there with you

business services

Custom brokerage&logistic

We provide wide range of international business services

imort and export

Marketing and Distribution

We are specialist in import and export goods from / to Iran and Middle East


High quality product

We produce food and beverages high quality product specially

Message from Director

Unifying all our business operations is our vision that SAPOLI(Sabapoolad Lidoma Co .) would be the safest and most reliable business company for its partners focused on delivering value to shareholders, customers and employees. Our name encapsulate our vision

We are a well-known company in the market of our domestic key market segments, and we aspire, every day, to be a predominant company in all of our endeavors
We aim to be at one with all of our stakeholders- our shareholders, employees, customers and the community in which we operate
We are unified in our quest for operational excellence and innovation and...
We are a diverse business, but offer one contact point in the marketplace for our range of products and services

I am excited by the opportunity to work with you to make  SAPOLI. a truly great business partner for your company



delivers our products to a broad customer base


Multiple Customs clearance and other related  Services


Transport, Documentation,Sampling , quality control



Our Culture

Tomorrow’s challenges today! And that's exactly what we're doing

We believe that although we may not be able to control the rapid and nonstop changes in our  business environment but instance  we always prepare ourselves with accurate monitoring and forecasting of  near  future opportunities and threats.We are agile to adapt ourselves with environmental changes
We work hard at SAPOLI and we have learned from our defeat so  we have not repeated any mistakes twice
In this continuous progressive movement, though we have been slow sometimes , but we have never had to return back

Consulting and Legal Advice

Resolving customs dispute, defending your rights at the IRICA Commission ,Deposit and release of warranties and debts in customs

Full administration services

secretarial order processing   in customers systems
Documentation concerning food grade shipments, f.e. Declarations of the Health Authorities , ISIRI Certificate, CED (Common Entry Document) and so on.

Our Main Product

We produce and distribute food and beverages products , Especially Fruit Juices and  Beer and soft drink , FJ puree and concentrate , Tomato paste , … in our factories and other joint venture partner factories.

Also we import and distribute other raw materials to fruit juice and Beer producer and other food factories in Iran as well as Ready-to-eat food and beverages goods.