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Coupler / Coupling

HDPE Electrofusion Fittings

HDPE Electrofusion Coupler

Hdpe electofusion coupler / coupling fittings made from high density raw materials virgin black PE100 and used to joint and connect two lengths of poly pipes in a straight line in size ranged from 20mm to 800mm. Electrofusion coupling fittings come in SDR 11 which are suitable for both water and gas.

Saba Poolad Lidoma provide wide range of electrofusion fittings in different sized, including: coupler, reducer, equal tee, reducing tee, elbow 90,elbow 45 … Our HDPE electrofusion fittings are made from best quality PE100 raw material, and they are mainly used for HDPE gas & water pipeline system.

Our  HDPE electrofusion fittings can fully comply with EN12201-3, EN1555 & EN ISO 15494 standard. By comparing other HDPE pipe fittings (socket fusion fittings, butt fusion fittings.,etc.), HDPE electrofusion fittings have following advantages: 

  • High safety and removal of obstacles and repairsEase and quickly operate in runtime and save time
  • High resistance to earthquakes and environmental stresses
  • Flexibility and lightness
  • Immune to corrosion
  • Pressure and impact resistance
  • Ease of installation, which prevents possible errors from the executives
  • Eliminating gas and water waste in gas supply and water supply networks
  • Smooth welding surface
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Avoid penetration into the welding area
  • Avoid obstacles and damage